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Watt Roofing and Construction Services Northland offers design and build services, a project delivery method where one contractor handles both design and construction phases. We provide a comprehensive solution that exceeds client expectations, offering advantages such as quicker completion times, lower costs, higher quality, and fewer hazards. As a leading New Zealand Roofing and Construction provider, Watt Roofing and Construction Services have expertise in fit-out, renovation, and commercial projects, making them well-suited to collaborate on your upcoming project.


We at Watt Roofing and Construction Services offer the art of transformation. It’s more than just repairs; it’s a revival. Imagine a tired, outdated space with walls fading, floors creaking, and memories fading. Now envision it reborn as a symphony of fresh paint, polished surfaces, and renewed purpose. Renovation breathes life into forgotten corners, turning them into vibrant hubs of activity. It’s the thrill of tearing down old walls and the satisfaction of building anew. Whether it’s a cosy home, a bustling office, or a historic landmark, renovation weaves stories of resilience, creativity, and progress. So, let the hammers swing, the saws buzz, and the dreams unfold. In the end, it’s not just about the physical transformation, but the revitalisation of spirit and purpose that truly make renovation projects so rewarding.


Recladding comes to the rescue when houses are subjected to the unrelenting attack of time and weather. This complex ballet of restoration is our specialty at Watt Roofing and Construction Services New Zealand. We handle anything, from complete restorations to recladding leaky homes. Our assurance? Clear, uncomplicated, and stress-free procedures. We easily communicate with councils and obtain building consent. However, our real strengths are in our workmanship and communication, not the paperwork. Our clients are living proof of our excellence; we consistently deliver on schedule, within budget, and with high quality. Therefore, let us work with you to restore the character of your home if it seems to be hiding some weather-tight problems. Visit our website, observe home transformations, and envision your own. Let us make your dream home a reality.

Leaky home repairs

Water and time are running out for leaky home repairs. These houses, which were once comfortable havens, now conceal unseen dangers: a sneaky leak and seeping moisture. Who’s at fault? Deteriorating structures, damaged membranes, and defective claddings. But don’t worry; we at Watt Roofing and Construction have capable hands and will deliver. With caulking guns in hand and a strong sense of resolve, builders remove layers to reveal the core of the problem. We strengthen walls, repair rotten wood, and reseal joints. It’s a precise dance that strikes a balance between style and utility. The house breathes again after the final drop is closed. Resilience replaces the leaking scars as they fade. Therefore, keep in mind this, homeowners exhausted from restless nights: repairs are about more than just fixing walls; they’re about bringing tranquility back, one little bit at a time.


Our completely managed bathroom renovation service at Watt Roofing and Construction Services will take care of everything from concept to design, project planning, feature, function, material specification, installation, and finishing touches. Our crew has years of experience, so you can rely on us to handle your remodeling without any worries at all. We collaborate with you at every stage to make sure you get the look and use you’ve always wanted for your bathroom. We are aware of the challenges involved in bathroom design. We can help with anything from improving bathroom space to adding value to your Northland home to updating outmoded layouts to making the most of small bathrooms’ potential. We offer modern bathroom design concepts, compact bathroom designs, and smooth project coordination. Let Bathroom Craft create the gorgeous bathroom of your dreams.


We turn visions into reality at Watt Roofing and Construction Services, one kitchen at a time. Our Northland-based crew specialises in complete kitchen makeovers, from initial concept to last detail. Let us bring your dream kitchen to life with our attention to detail, innovative designs, and smooth project coordination.